New Single From Modest Thomas

Relatable Record ‘Breathe’ Released On December 2!

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – Most artists struggle with making it big in the music industry. With the competition and rigorous standards for music, the struggle is real. While many rappers will talk about the struggles they face in a broader social context, you’ll find few who open up about the everyday struggles. This is where Modest Thomas fills the gaps.

Tom Sigurdson, better known as Modest Thomas, has been rapping since 2013. In the years since, the artist has gone through the struggles to become a full-time musician. The struggles of an upcoming artist as many and often can lead to many giving up before they can make it in the industry.

Modest Thomas is not someone who gives up easily. In his latest single, ‘Breathe,’ the artist talks about the trials and tribulations of making the journey as an artist. He talks about the steps he’s had to take, as many others will, to become a full-time musician.

As a rapper, Modest Thomas has taken inspiration from a variety of genres, artists, and songs over the years. As he says, he first started off by covering a song by Phil Collins called ‘Strangers.’ The inspiration he takes from the range of genres and artists influences both his content and sound.

The song is made in collaboration with fellow musicians Kxng Crooked and Constantine. All the artists on the track would agree that many listeners will relate to the story the track tells. Whether they are starting their journey or have migrated to becoming full-time artists, the song aims to have listeners relate it to their own situation.

Modest Thomas’ new single ‘Breathe’ was released December 2, 2020, and is available on all streaming platforms, including YouTube. For more of this upcoming artist’s work, you can visit the official website or any of his social media!





Tom Sigurdson is better known as Modest Thomas. The artist has been rapping since 2013 when he covered a Phil Collins song where he raps his own lyrics. Taking inspiration from the many artists and genres he has loved over the years, Modest Thomas has created a unique sound and content.



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