New Single From Rapper Pastor Nate feat. Nicholas Preston

Pastor Nate Releasing Remake Of “How Great Thou Art” On May 27, 2021

Los Angeles, California – May 25, 2021 – Rap and Christianity are commonly viewed as opposite ends of a spectrum. However, the most conventional can often come together in ways nobody could predict. Pastor Nate does the unconventional every day with his music.

A pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, he is making strides in the rap industry. A notoriously hard genre to break into, Pastor Nate’s musical path has been blessed with success.

Pastor Nate has broken several stereotypes for Christian and Rap music along with breaking into the rap genre. The artist manages to combine the traditional, classical sound.

His unique sound and approach to rap music make the pastor stand out from the crowd. There is now more of Pastor Nate’s unique sound being released on May 17, 2021. The new single is a remake of the well-known song “How Great Thou Art.”

Pastor Nate, along with Nicholas Preston on tenor, has combined Hip Hop and classical styles in a way that works and is satisfying to the ear. It gives the listener a sense of nostalgia as it goes through a chill sound. Pastor Nate raps his way through the lyrics, never missing a beat or compromising the chill sound of the song.

The song was chosen as it goes well with the beliefs of the artist. As Pastor Nate says, he wants the message of God’s Love to spread into the world and for a united humanity. With more such music on the horizon, Pastor Nate is creating ripples in the industry.

Pastor Nate’s new song “How Great Thou Art 2.0” releases May 27, 2021. It can be streamed on major streaming platforms such as Spotify. Visit his official website for more information and upcoming music!





Pastor Nate was born in LA county to a pastor and lawyer. He started rapping in Church at the age of 13. However, in the later years, Pastor Nate strayed from his faith. He later returned to the Church and is now a Pastor. The artist is passionate about reading, creativity, and imagination. He aims to spread love and peace to the world. Pastor Nate is also multi-lingual and raps in English and Spanish.



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