New Song From Metal Band Signal 99

Ignite The Fire With New Song “Revolution” From Signal 99 Releases Today!

Farmington, New Mexico – April 15, 2021 – It’s safe to say that metal has the reputation of being very angry. The negative stigma associated with the genre is what stops a lot of people from appreciating the artists within it. Over the years, metal artists and bands have broken out of the stigma and been recognized for the value they add to the industry.

One such band is Signal 99. The band is a culmination of members from varied backgrounds. What brought them together was their passion for music and their support for racial tolerance. The band has used their platform and music to create a sense of revolution in their audience.

Their fight against racial intolerance is not just expressed through their lyrics, but their videos as well. The video, ‘Banner of Corpses,’ was taken down by Youtube; before this, it was award-nominated video shedding light on the Native American genocide.

Whether it is a video or a song, it directly relates to the social justice issues faced by the members themselves. For example, the ‘Banner of Corpses’ video held a special place for the Native American lead man, Navajo.

Chuck Haven, the sole writer of the group, has dealt with several issues, including the loss of a loved one, depression, and more. After dealing with so much himself, Chuck now advocates for mental health along with other social reforms. He creates lyrics and music with the band that a person in pain can use as a healthy outlet.

The group has been releasing music for a few years now. The most recent being “American Monster” in 2017. “Revolution” is a follow-up to that song. It is released officially as of today and is available to stream on all major streaming platforms. For more, visit the official website and Youtube channel!




Signal 99 is a metal band hailing from New Mexico. The band is made up of 3 to 5 members that rotate as required. Members include Navajo, Chuck Haven, Viking, Red, Jakob, rotating as necessary. They have released several songs and videos speaking up about the social justice issues that they believe and advocate heavily for.




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