New Song, Waves, out on Bandcamp, West Coast Tour with The eXtreme Tour, Scheduled and underway, 4th year performing at X Fest NW

Sheridan, OR — Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 — Good God Father has released a new song, Waves, that is soon to be available on digital streaming outlets. More music is in the works to be released throughout the course of the coming months. Starting in August, the act will take to the streets across the West Coast with The Extreme Tour. On Labor Day, GGF closes out the summer at X Fest NW in Stevenson, WA.

The day after Easter, HearAnDo Studios live room studio burned to the ground. Reports confirm that the fire was an accidental electrical fire. This meant that recording that was underway for a full-length LP came to a complete halt after the destruction. What remained was a song, called, Waves, which is, at the time of this report, processing for release across digital distribution platforms, however, is currently available for purchase download on the Good God Father Bandcamp page. Another song was preserved in some sparse, and partially incomplete drum tracks, however, it is expected to be released before the year’s end as well.

Starting August 3rd, 2020, GGF will be on tour on the West Coast leg of The eXtreme Tour. The eXtreme Tour calls itself, “An alliance. Partnering with Community Groups and Clubs, Civic Organizations, Churches, Schools and Institutions, Government Agencies, and Municipalities that are working charitably to meet the needs of the disenfranchised and underserved.”
Visit The eXtreme Tour .com for more information on tour dates, mission statements, and other bands/artists that will be performing on the tour.

After fulfilling that commitment through August 31, Good God Father plans to take the stage for the 4th year now, at the X Fest NW Christian music festival. Occurring annually at the Skamania County Fairgrounds in Stevenson, WA, families from all over the NW gather to camp, for free, share free food together, and enjoy an eclectic diversity of sounds, and styles that make for a rich and engaging experience of harmony and fellowship. For more information on the Festival, visit X Fest NW .org

Every single one of the performances will be free, so it costs nothing to come out, meet Xwan, and the rest of the tour, hear the music, see the work that is put in, and enjoy the beauty to behold at every stop. 20 to 30-minute sets can be expected, along with those groovy bass-heavy beats, and soaring guitar solos. Some extent merchandise will be available for purchase as well, including oil paintings, keychains, necklaces, prayer ropes, CDs, and stickers that promote a lifestyle of Faith, Hope, and Love.

A lot of work, resources, time, energy, blood sweat, and tears go into providing the content, music, message, and color that Good God Father exercises to generate. To be a part of squeezing water out of stones, and turn water into wine, pray for the band, day to day, visit the Good God Father Bandcamp page, and buy music and merch, or give at





“Freak Gospel Pop”, emanating from the dark woods of Oregon, Good God Father molds the archaic with the imminent to reconcile the past with the present, in order to author and usher in a more beautiful future. The whole presentation is marked by an amalgam of modern thought and culture through means of somber and sober guitar and vocals, on a march through Armageddon. At times, sweet and surrendering, and at most others, brash, and abrasive, these sounds are sure to wake the living and dead, in time for dessert.



Good God Father
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