Rejuvenating the Upbeat Vibe of Afro Pop – Rising Artist Life Change Aspires and Dazzles in Latest Release

Spreading the message of consistent hustle, Life Change’s lyricism is infectious and hopeful

Boston, Massachusetts

Hailing from Liberia, Prince Korfeh began designing, curating, and polishing his image and sound as the artist who has now come to be known as Life Change. In this process, he took into account the cultural aspects of African and Liberian culture that he considered cardinal and close to his own heart.

Channeling the vibrant percussive music of Africa, and simultaneously championing the upbeat and intrinsically groovy rhythms of Afro pop, Life Change proudly marches forth, wearing his present-day realities and experiences on his sleeves. Determined to translate his struggles into breathtaking music, Life Change is filled with the conviction that his journey from Africa to the United States is one that deserves to be documented and spread far and wide. What makes his music and subsequently his discography unique is the fact that it draws strength from cultural diversity. This ensures that every song is immensely eclectic and a totally unique experience for the listeners.

Life Change, being particularly very adherent to and in awe of Liberian and African culture, draws inspiration from the millions suffering around the world everyday. He believes that there is poetry in their misfortune, and he explores that poetry in his songs with the intention of telling their story and making their voices heard. This approach towards music, coupled with an active attempt to be as inclusive as possible is what renders Life Change as one of the most dynamic artists in the industry today. Life Change particularly names Wale’s lyricism as an immense motivating factor that spurred him to produce music that could not only sway hearts musically, but could also induce goosebumps through what was being said. These lyrics feature scores of ideas and perspectives but in particular, Life Change focuses upon telling underdog stories where someone rises against all odds to rise to the top. Prince Korfeh believes that by doing so, he is not only telling his own story but also manifesting his own meteoric rise soon to come.

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Inspired by artists like Sarkodie who had managed to champion the African sound and prove to the masses that it was possible to remain true to one’s culture while also becoming commercially successful, Life Change is very adherent to and in awe of Liberian and African culture. They believe that the sounds and ideas of their home can help uplift billions around the globe.

Drawing inspiration from the millions suffering throughout the world, Life Change is paving way for a new era of Afro Pop, an era wherein every song has a story to tell.

Having burst onto the Afro pop scene in just 2020, Life Change has its eyes set upon musical domination. Upon witnessing the newfound domination of Latin and Hispanic music, they are convinced that Liberian and Afro pop music can do the same given a chance. Full of vibrant instrumentation and insightful messages that audiences from all walks of life can relate to, Life Change is sure to leave an indelible mark in the annals of Afro pop music in the years to come


Life change
Name: Life change
Address: 24 west, Boston, Massachusetts
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