One Man Show Artist Released New Album

Authentic, different, and all on his own – artist K.G. is refreshing rap.

Louisville, Kentucky – March 5th 2021 – Dedication, belief in one’s capabilities, and persistence define artist K.G.’s musical endeavours. The artist has several skills and accomplishments in his repertoire, all which are a result of his philosophy: he is a rapper, singer, producer, graphic artist, publisher, actor, and CEO of N-Sane Records and R’Shard Publishing.

Consistent with his history of producing inspirational music, K.G. released the ‘Vocal Impact’ album on January 17th last year. This album is a collaborative work that involves two other producers, C-Dog and Beata Millz, artists DNP, Maav Dash, Mugg, Tash, and Pnutt the VoKal Plugg. In response to the album ‘Vocal Impact’, K.G. has received a lot of praise and appreciation for bringing a breath of fresh air to rap music. His originality has been well received – a goal towards which the artist always strives.

A one-man record label owner, K.G, has always been a staunch believer in believing in oneself. Consequently, he does not follow the trend and stays true to his inner sound – a message the rapper wants to pass on to his son eventually. Music is a deep part of his personality, and he will continue producing it whether he makes it big or not. Versatile, original, and creative, K.G. understands the struggle of establishing oneself in the industry and wants to share his platform with local artists to help them. Currently, K.G. is also working on a podcast and talk show on his Roku channel, Vocal Impact.

K.G is not a newcomer to the music scene. He has always been a performer, from playing drums in the school band to singing in the church choir. His first E.P. album, ‘Heaven or Hell’, was released in 2011, followed by the single, ‘Twerkin it’ in 2014, and another single, ‘Dump Trump’ in 2016.

K.G. encourages all to listen to music that does not sound mainstream with an open mind and heart. To purchase the artist’s music albums, including ‘Vocal Impact’, click here.

For more information and songs by the artist, please visit his website.

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K.G. or Ahmon Salter was born in Albany, GA and raised in Radcliff, KY. He has always been passionate about music – he started rapping when he was only eight years old. K.G. wants everyone who likes music to listen to his compositions and believes that he will be a force to be reckoned with if given the proper exposure. K.G.’s parents are his inspiration, and his son his motivation. His ultimate goal is to become a successful business owner in all his business ventures, musical or otherwise.




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