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West Covina, California – June 1, 2020 – Perry Stevens is proud to present his latest single, “Salted Heart.” 

Music has been a part of Perry Stevens’ existence from the start. Realizing his vocal talents by 13 led him to band life by the ‘60s. Being drafted to Vietnam took him away from music for a few years but once he was home, he made a name for himself at Pasadena’s hottest night club from 1972-81. He spent almost a decade helping that club soar to new heights when it came to popularity in the Los Angeles area, but when he realized he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with his wife and the family they were about to begin – music took a backseat. Fast forward to 2016. His kids were out of the house, and he had found so much support via a Karaoke app that he was encouraged to start doing music again. 

That encouragement came from the almost 20,000 fans he accumulated in three short years. “All my fans kept asking me why I do not go public again with my music. I thought about it and said, hey, why not!” Perry Stevens remembers about his decision to get back in the saddle. From there he dropped “Hot Lava” in the fall of 2018 and since then has released some two dozen original songs. That includes 2020’s “Salted Heart,” a song that delivers Roy Orbison meets Johnny Cash, rock and roll feel that would be perfect for stations looking for music from an artist who came up during one of the greatest modern musical eras. 

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Perry Stevens is ready to deliver more of his pristine gems with his latest single “Salted Heart.” 

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