Powerful Instrumentation from Legaspi City to the World: Christian Alternative Rock Band Tertium Uplift Audiences

With warm, soothing, and compelling musical compositions, Tertium are re-defining musical boundaries and inspiring listeners

Legaspi City, Albay province, Bicol Region, Philippines — May 27th, 2022 – Delivering soul-stirring Alternative and Christian Rock rhythms, Tertium is a band for the times. The talented musical group hails from a small place called Taysan Legaspi City in the province of Albay in the Philippines. Composed of cousins who came together from different bands, Tertium has an enriching history behind them.

Influenced by the likes of Stryper, Skillet, Ashes Remains and other eclectic collectives, Tertium are swiftly rising through ranks in the world of Alternative. The group consists of guitarists, Jene Belgica and Michael Antones, along with Neil Franz Brimon on drums, Eugenio Corpus on bass and song writing and Jan Rey Lomerio stunning audiences with his vocals.

A truly diverse collection of soundscapes, styles, instrumentation, and music, Tertium captivates audiences with uplifting records evoking a positive attitude and vibe. With beautifully crafted tracks such as: “He Weeps”, “Your Hand”, “Your Love”, and “Come Let Him Love You”and their first single “Thank You For The Hundred Years”, the band showcases powerful, moving, and emotionally charged instrumental compositions.

“I don’t know how to describe our music, but each one of the members come from different bands playing their own kind of music and influences put together into this special band playing Christian songs,” say the artists describing their band ethos.

Moving forward, the band intends to release new music videos on YouTube for the songs in their album “Sunny Sunday Songs” and grow their imprint.

Visit and subscribe to Tertium’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9h0DUqEMl3s4W1OIJImQ3A, and do not hesitate to interact with the band, write critiques and comment on their music! Contact the band through their social media for interactions and collaborations:




Tertium consists of a group of talented individuals:

Jan a.k.a Aya, is the lead vocalist for Tertium as well as a nurse and a part-time college instructor. Jan aims to spread the love for the Creator by writing, singing and performing wholeheartedly with every performance.

Jene Robert A. Belgica is a fresh graduate student from Bicol University, majoring in Exercise and Sports Science, and the bassist and guitarist of the band.

Neil Franz M. Brimon is a 3rd year college student at Bicol university, pursuing a BSc. in mining engineering. A certified safety officer, he is the drummer of the band and loves performing in front of audiences.

Michael Antones is a 21-year-old student who plays guitar for Tertium. Currently pursuing Electrical Engineering, Michael remains moved by a love to make some rifts and adlib.

Leland Lomerio is an engineer who is working at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines as a traffic controller, as well as working with a local band Le Chatbox. The guitar of Tertium, Leland hopes to discover himself with the new musical environment.

Eugenio R. Corpus III is a graduate of Computer Engineering and a former pilot-trainee for Philippines Army Aviation Group. Currently, Eugenio is involved in training people regarding the importance of agriculture in the world and specializing in wine making and organic agriculture.


Name: Eugenio Corpus
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61480246924


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerTium-103754107717220
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9h0DUqEMl3s4W1OIJImQ3A/videos
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3W0gBqLGwUsyCJREVrWBgS


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