Presenting Count Drawko, Master and Performer of World and Metal Music

Look Out For Count Drawko’s Latest Releases:  Metal Tunes and a Variety of World Music

San Marcos, Texas – Count Drawko is a metal artist, heavily inspired by all things nature. He started out his musical career as a band member, although he wished for more creative freedom. As a result, he went down the solo route and is keeping on. He brings a universal meaning to his metal music with lyrics, hoping to create a whole new listening experience like no other.

The slowed-down working conditions during the lockdown have not fazed this artist, Count Drawko has released over 102 tracks this year.  His latest release is called ‘Envision,’ a meditational album that is the last piece to his meditation trilogy. The album ‘Envision’ features a myriad of wondrous sounds that allow listeners to connect with nature.

As listeners can tell, Count Drawko’s musical interpretations pertain to concepts for World Music, Zen, and meditation. That being said, the artist has also completed 7 Metal albums, and is currently working on releasing his eighth metal album, ‘Good Evil,’ a name he coined for the parallel dimension, Heaven and Hell, or the other side.

His hope for the future is to further refine his music by channeling powers of divination for guidance, energy, and performance. The artist uses his songs to open up about his combined love for music and the world, explaining, “I appreciate the beauty of nature. I work to keep a balanced perspective and count my blessings.”

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A metal artist with a meditational side, Count Drawko has found a way to express himself on two plains and does so with ease. To date, he has released seven metal albums and eight meditational albums. He has proven time and again that his talents lie in mastering the art of performing metal and world music.


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