Meaningful Music That Can Unite: South African Artist’s Motto

Mthisi Creates Songs with Strong Underlying Meanings

Pretoria, South Africa – December 8th, 2020 – Hailing from the beautiful country of South Africa, emerging artist Mthisi aims to spread equally beautiful messages through his music. This strong sense of purpose, and strong desire to instill a deep meaning into everything he creates makes Mthisi both unique and valuable.

Creating music is a way to achieve catharsis for the upcoming new artist Mthisi. He uses music as a tool of self-expression, making use of it to bring clarity to his emotions. This is the reason why he makes music whenever he is happy or sad. His joy is primarily what led him to record his tribute “Happy Birthday to Mandela” to the former president of his country on the 6th of June 2012. This song, borne out of his happiness and sense of pride, quickly gained an audience.

Seven years later, Mthisi released his first album called “Mandlazi vol. 1” across all major music streaming and downloading platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon etc. The album consists of eleven songs with a variety of different languages interspersed throughout. Artist’s linguistic skillset consisting of Zulu, Sepedi, English, and Afrikaans makes the use of different languages in the songs all the more compelling and communicative.

What makes Mthisi different from other artists is his commitment to producing meaningful art which has a strong meaning underpinning it. This commitment is evident in all of the songs in the album “Mandlazi vol. 1.” For example, the song “Mara Why Ung’lahla” literally translates into “Why You Dumped Me” and is about an unexplained breakup that the artist went through. It captures the dilemma of having to move on but being fixated due to lack of closure. Another song “Respect Your Parents” delves into the dynamics of parent-child relationship and encourages youngsters to be kind and respectful towards their parents. This theme of important underlying messages is recurrent throughout the album, which is also available for download on the artist’s official website.


Mthisi’s official name is Magiditshene Humphrey Mothis Nyoni. Originally from Limpopo province, he lives in Pretoria. The artist’s journey with music started with dancing and singing at the tender age of just two years. Ever since then, the artist has had a special connection with music and officially started recording songs in the year 2012.


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