Producer Gives Artists A Home At RnR Records

Door Is Open For The Hottest Hip Hop Stars

Tampa, Florida – October 9, 2020 –  Bundy has cofounded the hottest record label in the south at RnR Records. The label has already attracted hot, new talent that people are making noise about.

RnR Records is an independent label that is inviting artists to join and make their talent shine. Currently, the label is promoting rising star Bruce Wayne with his catchy style of hip hop. He has released a song called “Wavve On Em” which racked up a million views on YouTube. The founder of RnR records is also a talented producer. Bundy recently released a  mixtape series, entitled “Bundy’s Takeover,” where he brought together artists from all over to network and create great music. The recorded label is accepting new artists ready to make their music heard.

RnR Records founder Bundy has always had a passion for music, and he followed that dream into the studio. He partnered up with his friend Mike, and RnR Records was born.

For interested parties to reach out to RnR Records for exclusive beats, music collaboration, networking, and music insight, you can make contact via the information provided below.

[email protected]

Beat Stars:

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