The Return of Complete Sun

The Return of Complete Sun

Baltimore, MD — Friday, May 22nd, 2020 — Complete Sun has yet another upcoming release date for his next album titled “TR.COM The Return”. Now scheduled with a mid-July release under the “LNR-Loyalty N Respect Records LLC”  label based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The artist promises his current fan base as well as new listeners the true quality of hip-hop/rap they deserve with no fabrication. Is the industry ready for this emerging artist and label to take the reigns? Only time can tell As the first single “DEMOLITION MAN/(MDK)” is set to be released in mid-June.

There are several recognized artists on the hunt for new talent to improve their roster. Whether it’s for “Future” and “Freebandz” or “Roc Nation” and “Griselda” artists are lining up to get their opportunity to become known in the industry. While there are also the artists on independent labels or as an independent artist alone like “Young Ma” for example. These artists are the more pure and raw form of hip hop culture. “Complete Sun” and the Loyalty N Respect Records label are doing just that with Upcoming Movie releases like “SAVAGE” on youtube this summer and a multitude of new album releases from “ADAMBOM” like “BOMSTATINE” Complete Plans to take the music industry by storm with the upcoming release of his album “TR.COM” (THE RETURN). Since his album debut in 2019 “AWAKENING” Complete has released several singles including “Feel So Good” and “Phenomenal” while perfecting his craft for this upcoming project. If you are a true hip hop lover who doesn’t like a lot of mumble rap, this artist and album are for you for sure. Great melodies over hardcore beats that will keep your heads rocking from beginning to end over superb lyricism. Single release for “DEMOLITION MAN” (MDK) is set for June 10, 2020, on all Platforms, and the “TR.COM THE RETURN” album is scheduled for July 9, 2020, on all platforms.

“I hear too much of the same s@++ , you’ve got a different sound!!, I checked you out; you really can rap”

@getbenny Benny The Butcher

“When it comes to spitting bars, I’m exceptional/Complete’s intellectual is flowing all directional”

COMPLETE SUN “Phenomenal”

Features on this album from the Loyalty N Respect label are expected from “Adambom”.

This album will be dedicated to those that can’t be here to be a part of the success because their lives ended too soon.

New Releases Upcoming from Complete Sun and Adambom from the Raleigh N.C. Loyalty N Respect Records LLC. label. Making History from N.C. to MD in the music industry.

“Check out current projects on any platform or listen to my Pandora station; Complete Sun.”





The complete sun has an extremely aggressive sound that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

He is a promising bundle of talents to add to the Hip-Hop culture.



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