Prolific NJ Songwriter Jeff Hartman’s New Album Spotlights Only Acoustic Hits

Margate City, NJ —FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: With twenty-one number one singles on Spotify’s “Release Radar” and over one million streams to date, New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and prolific independent recording artist Jeff Hartman is known for his soothing, guitar-driven melodic style and soulful, candid vocals. His knack for nuanced, poignant storytelling, often including bi-lingual lyrics, has earned him comparisons to artists like Brian Adams, James Taylor, Don McClean, Richard Marx, and Dan Fogelberg. For the past several years, Hartman has worked closely with writing partners and producers Kit Worton of Right Touch Studios and Bob Fowler of SSR Recording, extending his vast repertoire of genre-bending pop-rock, adult alternative, and soft-rock releases laced with elements of folk, jazz, and R&B. He’s released over fifty singles, originals, and covers world-wide, including 2012 narrative pop-rock album Curtain Call, acoustic-leaning 2017 EP Mansfield, critically-acclaimed 2017 full-length Legacy, and albums 7, Leacy Deluxe Reissue, and Under Cover in 2020. Now poised to release his new collection of original hits, Acoustic Favorites, Hartman is leaning into his folk-rock roots to showcase a more streamlined, minimalistic-yet-warm sound.

Acoustic Favorites, set for release on December 1, 2021, is a vibrant and varied compilation of twenty-seven original acoustic tracks. Co-written and produced by Hartman’s longtime collaborators Kit Worton and Bob Fowler and recorded in New Jersey at Right Touch Recording Studios and SSR Recording, the album features “love songs and teaching songs” covering a wide range of intellectual and emotional topics—from grieving the devastating loss of a child (in the subtle, stirring track “This School Called Earth”) to exploring concepts like diversity and self-acceptance (in the intricate, acoustic guitar ballad “Differences”).  Throughout the album, Hartman’s evocative, deeply narrative lyrics are populated with a memorable cast of realistic and emotionally-relatable characters.

Stylistically, Acoustic Favorites stands in rebellion against the common issue of overproduction, instead relying on clean, well-crafted acoustic guitar melodies to create a perfect elemental backdrop for Hartman’s distinctive vocals. “I believe in bare-bones production,” says Hartman. “I want each song and performance to stand on its own.” The songs feel direct, elegant, and approachable, with no moments of excess. Thematically, the diverse collection brings together disparate sides of life’s spectrum: celebrating the fun, light-hearted experiences that bring us joy and honoring the somber, difficult events that make us who we are. The album is filled with the kind of gently wise, universal anthems that stick with you long after the melody ends.

Acoustic Favorites will be available for purchase and streaming via Spotify, Apple music, and all major distributors on December 1, 2021.



New Jersey singer-songwriter Jeff Hartman has been writing guitar-driven, soulful soft-rock ballads for over thirty years. His songs feature refreshingly authentic vocals and compelling stories about life and love, incorporating Spanish lyrics into some of his latest releases.

Now with over 70 releases under his belt, Hartman has become an internationally recognized songwriter and celebrated recording artist in the soft-rock space, known for his collections of distinct, compelling covers as well as moving full-length albums of original ballads. He’s worked with Grammy-nominated artists and producers, and 24 of his recent singles have hit number one on Spotify’s Release Radar. His ballad, This School Called Earth made Discover Weekly in November 2021. His 2012 narrative pop-rock EP Curtain Call and the acoustic-leaning 2017 EP Mansfield led to the release of his highly-acclaimed full-length album Legacy in 2017, which featured all original songs written by Hartman. In 2020, Hartman released three albums, 7, Legacy Deluxe (Reissue) and Under Cover, as well as 21 singles. Jeff’s most excited about his most recent album release, Acoustic Favorites,which drops in December 2021. He’s currently writing with Kit Worton at Right Touch Studios and Bob Fowler at SSR Recording, and plans to release more singles in 2022 featuring new, original tunes. Hartman lives with his wife Paula at the Jersey Shore.


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