Pual Saint’s Debut Album Has Nothing But Hits (Exclusive)

Los Angeles — Friday, September 20th, 2021 — ‘The Degenerates Club Vol.1’ is Pual Saint’s best work yet! The multigenre album tackles many topics from drug abuse, heartbreak, and self-discovery. From start to finish you’re hooked into an insane story about the life of Pual Saint.

The Degenerates Club Vol.1

Consists of sixteen tracks so far and each track is gripping! From Forrest Boulevard to Dane, each track tells a story. From love to heartbreak, from drugs to sobriety this album has it all. Pual delivers a very peculiar sound with his production on this album. For example, False God was inspired by the 2009 pop-sounding with a modern 2021 twist and a nostalgic vocoder chorus singed by Pual himself. Imagine if Lady Gaga and Zedd meet in 2009 and worked with Dark Child on a track, False God would be that song. Pual Saint does not fail to deliver on this whole album, covering genres from electronic, pop, synth wave, synthpop, folk, indie pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and more! Pual Saint album ends on a massive blowout of  a song shattering your whole perspective of the album, himself & including his friends who are referenced as “The Degenerates Club”

While there’s still no official release date on this phenomenal album we do know the album is set to be released before the end of the year. In the meantime, you can stream Dane today.

We asked Pual Saint about his thoughts on his album:

Well when I think of my album, I associate it with pain. It took me years to make this album and trust me this isn’t even the full (story) we have so much to talk about and I wanted to make sure I’m giving you guys some real deal work. I pushed myself to release a big body of work and it never worked out because it wasn’t ‘Me’ you get me? hahaha, see I believe people connect with you on a level like no other when you release music with meaning. Yeah, party music is cool but people love music because it told stories. That’s why so many artist like Billie and Olivia are so HUGE right now cause they’re music resonated with people and and fans on a WHOLE other level. That is also why when some artist drops these “radio albums” they never do good or do TOO GOOD where people get burnted out and it’s like ‘Yeah Payola cause ain’t no one listening to this bs’ so I finally ate my own words and made a multigenre album that is me. This album is deep, it’s 60% done and we’re wraping up on some tracks but this album is literally me. Over 100+ tracks and narrowing it down to sixteen right now.  It’s hard, I believe you guys will love this story and hopefully this story will help a fellow LGBTQ+ brother or sister in life and in love. This album is about healing and loving yourself and what you stand for. That is the Degenerates Club, just a bunch of degenerates trying to find themselves.” – Pual Saint 

Pual Saint’s features have been kept under wraps as he has said he wants it to be a surprise so everyone’s lips are shut! But here are the rumoured acts to be featuring:

  • Adam Dunne
  • Elijah Punk
  • Kalderone (Rumored)
  • Willow Gray
  • RJT (Defmix)

The Degenerates Club Vol.1 will surely break him on the map for the talented artist he is. Helping him meet his goals is ONErpm. Pual Saint has officially left SoundCloud’s label Repost Network to sign with ONErpm! Bringing Binaural Saint Management along with him as part of the move.

The Degenerates Club Vol.1 will be one of three volumes to the multigenre saga of The Degenerates Club due to release by the end of this year.

Stream the lead single Dane today!







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Pual Saint


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