Redhotharp Evolves The Listening Experience With ‘Deviant Again’

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Auburn, Nebraska – December 19, 2019 – Interpretive and emotive. Two words that best describe what Redhotharp delivers every time she steps into her home studio, especially when it comes to her 2019 release, ‘Deviant Again.’

A true soul, Redhotharp has been singing and creating on earth for many years. This year she released a number of experimental treats including not one, but two albums this year. ‘Winter Break’ came first with one less than a dozen tracks that lent themselves to paint a myriad of scenes as each song brought about a new backdrop. Her latest, ‘Deviant Again’ went above and beyond.

18 tracks deep, her second release of the year features a beautiful cascade of songs that speak to who Redhotharp truly is as an artist. With each release, she pours her heart and soul into every note and melody from “I’ve Got Rhythm” to “Photograph” to “Beauty and the Beast.”

“This recording came from matters of the heart.  I always feel the soul when recording. Every minute of the recording are moments that stay intact.  I hope the substances never leave this energy of creation.”

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Redhotharp is an experimental artist who released two albums in 2019; ‘Winter Break’ and her latest, ‘Deviant Again.’

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