Reigniting the Flame in Metal Music and Making it Their Own – Rising Band Paradoxicide Unveils Astounding New Album

‘SAVIOR’ is an unprecedented celebration of metal music done by the very best in the business at this time.

Holland, OH — When it comes to metal music, bands can either fully understand the assignment, or go awry and lose sight of the cardinal principals, resulting in a mess. Up and coming death metal band ‘Paradoxicide’ is perhaps the only new band in the music industry today that has not only fully embraced the sphere and character of metal music, but has also introduced a new interpretation of the beloved genre in the shape of their music. Their latest album is titled ‘SAVIOR’, and it is being hailed as one of the best death metal albums out there by a rookie band.

The band itself is the brainchild of a middle aged Midwest male who resides in Holland, OH. The music and lyrics, along with what the band should represent, came to him in a Covid induced fever dream during the lockdown in 2020. The pioneer of Paradoxicide was wise enough to recognise this epiphany as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, and he pounced on the idea, fully making it his own. Once he recovered, he knew exactly what he had to do. Contacting the best musicians he could find, he recorded the music that Covid had gifted him. The journey wasn’t always quite easy – most people he reached out to refused to even reciprocate his efforts. He then focused his attention towards former band mates of lesser skill and hired a singer from an under ground metal website. This was the coming of age moment the band needed, as the artists all gelled together brilliantly and started writing and recording quality music from then on out.

Last December the band unveiled its latest album titled ‘SAVIOR’, an unapologetic and extremely passionate celebration of what death metal music is about at its core. Compromising 8 singles that collectively span around 33 minutes, SAVIOR is changing the mainstream narrative concerning metal music, and is turning many deniers into believers. What makes their discography unique is the fact that Paradoxicide is willing to explore territories in death metal music that other bands have been too scared to explore. Being extremely unapologetic and always keeping the loud, visceral nature of death metal at the core of every song, the band is destined for inevitable success in the long run.

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Paradoxicide is an up and coming death metal band that is gaining a lot of traction due to their authentic take on death metal music. The band unveiled their latest album titled ‘SAVIOR’, and it has been widely hailed as one of the best new albums by a death metal band in recent memory.


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