Remmy Palacios Wants You to Dance

Remmy Palacios is a master at getting you up off your booty to commence shaking. “I Give Myself to You” is the latest single from this Florida artist who has more of an international dance sound. The hook hits you fast and the energy of the song is that of a track that does not stop. It’s nonstop and adrenaline packed. It’s definitely one that’ll keep you up on your feet all night. Last year Remmy released another dance song, “Send Her My Love” and that one was a little less bold than his 2014 number. It was more ’80s while “I Give Myself to You” is more here and now. Nevertheless, if you’re the kind of person always looking for a new song to consider as your jam when you go out, check out all Remmy Palacios has to offer. (