Resurgent Street Rock Italia and Punk Rhythms: Seasoned Italian Artist CRASCIO Driven to Enthrall with New Album

Captivating listeners with his magnetic, and stirring musical compositions, rising singer and song writer, CRASCIO is making an impact in the musical world, with his electrifying new album, ‘Sderenato’.

Milano, Lombardia, Italy – June 20th, 2021 – Changing the face of Alternative and Punk Rock music, eclectic musical sensation, CRASCIO is making the rounds in the music industry, with his gritty yet memorable musical compositions. Driven to succeed and make his mark in the dynamic and fast-paced music world, the budding artist is looking forward to surging onward and upward with his refreshing new release.

Aptly titled ‘Sderenato’, the album is a mix of soulful and hard-hitting singles, that make use of distinctive song writing, and CRASCIO’s powerful vocal prowess, melded together in a brilliant fusion. ‘Sderenato’ follows up on the artist’s other celebrated Italian albums and EPs, some of which he unveiled earlier this year, including ‘Krokka1 EP’, ‘Krokka 2 EP’, and ‘Krokka 3 EP’. An enriching collection of authentic and moving singles, CRASCIO’s newest release consists of 19 original tracks, crafted to perfection.

From the electric and hard-hitting Punk Rock single, “Oggi come Oggio”, which he complemented with a music video on YouTube, to other gripping singles, such as “Foreverpunk”, and “Tu non aiuti la gente”, the artistic sensation inspires and amazes with a sensory Alternative vibe. Adamant to breathe life back into the Punk genre, CRASCIO is on the right track towards success and acclaim, sticking to his musical roots, while also evolving his talents, styles, and sensibilities.

“When people listen to my music, they get excited, I am unique because [I am] sincere, I do not make songs at the table,” says CRASCIO regarding his new releases.

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Up-and-coming singer and song writer, CRASCIO is based in Milano, Lombardia, Italy. Always moved and inspired by the stirring pull of music all around him, the rising artist was driven to pursue it as a passion, exploring his own unique and distinct talents, while also immersing himself in the rich world of music. Considering himself the founder of Street Rock Italia, the budding singer fuses together Alternative, Rock and Punk styles.

Having a stellar discography which consists of the EPs, ‘Krokka 1’, ‘Krokka 2’, ‘Krokka 3’ and ‘Krokka 4’, CRASCIO is now looking forward to captivating listeners with his electric new debut album, ‘Sderenato’, which released on April 22, 2021.

Having penned down the lyrics himself, the growing artist also made the music for his album himself. Moving forward, CRASCIO believes that he has no specific goals to follow, as long as he likes himself and where he has gone in life, he will be content, anything else does not matter to the artistic genius.



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