Rhett Davis Gives Us Quirky & Folk

Rhett Davis ReviewRhett Davis makes a variety of music from quirky to country. “The Hippopotamus” is a cute track that you could put on for kids and they’d instantly want to sing along. It’s a sweet track that’d take over a preschool but on the other side of what he can do, he had a soft side for the folk. “It Used To Be” is  more sensitive and is far from the kiddie play we first heard. We stick with that feel as we head into “Aspen Grove” but it’s not as somber in tone. It’s more about storytelling here with a pep in his step. Rhett Davis is a jack of all trades and can do whatever he puts his mind to on the guitar. He creates various worlds with his words and sound. If you’re into folk music, but like to get silly sometimes, check out Rhett Davis today. (https://rhettdavismusic.biz)