Poshbugati Releases “Girl Dad”

The death of Kobe Bryant left a gaping void in the hearts of many around the world and particularly here in Los Angeles, but while numerous people would mourn the legacy of the legendary athlete, rapper Poshbugati is honoring the man and father that Bryant was in his new single “Girl Dad.” “Girl Dad” isn’t even particularly about the Mamba when you break it down to nuts and bolts so much as it’s about carrying forth the notion of being devoted to your daughters as a father, which, this spring more than ever, is something that we need to be celebrating universally. 

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Emotion runs so much deeper than the lyrics in “Girl Dad;” from the electronica-faceted harmonies to the delicate beats that frame them, there’s a sensible passion to every element we find in both the instrumentation and the lead vocal here, which isn’t often the case in mainstream hip-hop at all. At no point does Poshbugati resort to fronting some nonsensical sample instead of giving us the raw poeticisms he’s truly capable of producing, further aligning himself with an OG class of rappers far more than he ever could the halfhearted players trying to pose this season. 

The music video for “Girl Dad” reflects the value of the lyricism and the melodic qualities of this piece beautifully without ever having to overreach in its imagery, which is a common issue a lot of ambitious hip-hop videos run into (usually to no fault of the artist themselves). The crisp glow of the sunshine finds its way through the shot and into our souls as we watch Poshbugati take his girls out for some afternoon fun for the sake of fun itself, and it’s not just because of the high-end production style here. There’s aesthetical synchronicity in play, and it’s making my man’s message all the more accessible to us. 

This beat is essential to crafting the mood in the verses, but it’s hardly the only component of the mix pulling its weight in the big picture. There’s really nothing in the fold that doesn’t leave some sort of an imprint on the story Poshbugati wants to tell us in this single and its companion video, and in comparison to some of the more bloated tracks I’ve been spinning as a critic lately, this is exactly the kind of efficiency that I want to be seeing and hearing a lot more of in 2021. 

Try as you might, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find another hip-hop song as authentic in spirit as this loving tribute to the father-daughter relationship as this tune is at the moment, and I don’t believe I’m going to be the only critic saying so by the time the summer months roll around. Poshbugati delivers a smart ballad for an emerging era in melodic trap and progressive rap in this all-new release, which I’m recommending to anyone with a real taste for either genre as they compile a provocative playlist to get through the rest of March. 

Zachary Rush