Rich and Riveting Alternative Experimental Fusions: Presenting to the World Fortune Empire Records’ Bryant Rowe.

With his stunning and dynamic tracks that provide soulful narrations driven by his own personal experiences, Bryant Rowe is soaring through the ranks to become the next biggest R&B sensation.

Dickinson, TX – April 1st, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Bryant Rowe is all set to become the next biggest sensation in experimental and hip-hop music. The budding singer and songwriter is driven to touch the minds and hearts of all his listeners through soul-stirring and striking Alternative and New Age compositions. Having released on 22nd March 2021, the newest album aptly titled “Diverse” showcases Bryant Rowe’s soulful and touching R&B compositions.

A powerhouse of talent, the singer and songwriter put together a stunning and powerful team of producers and music engineers, including the fine composer QuaTheFool and the iconic Ja’quard Joseph for this project. Rowe believes that his music is a source of comfort and calm for people struggling through the tough times. With his fresh new composition “Diverse”, the artist is revisiting numerous feelings and sentiments that every person feels in the toughest and hardest of life’s times. Using his unique songwriting and powerful vocalization, Bryant Rowe is changing the rules of the game for R&B and New Age fusion music.

Inspired by the likes of musical icons like Nas, whom he considers the greatest Lyricist of all time, the artist is driven towards success and growth, with inimitable tracks that highlight his own beautiful songwriting and storytelling.
Supported and inspired by a powerful production team, which includes his talented and iconic producer Young Fortune, the CEO of Fortune Empire Records, Rowe is on the right path towards revitalizing the genre with his own unique and striking flavors.

“Diverse” is both relatable and touching for fans of New Age genre music, helping further Rowe’s own unique talents. Releasing new tracks one after another, Rowe intends to conquer his own drawbacks and mark constant progress in his life.





An up-and-coming singer and songwriter Bryant Rowe is a growing sensation in the world of Alternative and R&B music. Inspired by the goal to bring diversity in the real world and in the music industry, Rowe wishes to use dynamic sounds and musical styles to solidify his own position. The talented powerhouse of alternative music is all set and ready to use his own personal anecdotes and experiences and meld them with his powerful vocals.

Bryant Rowe originally hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up in a troubled and rough neighborhood, Rowe learnt crucial life lessons, facing numerous trials and tribulations. His narration of unique life experiences is what he wishes will set him apart from other artists in the Alternative and New Age genre.

Rowe strongly believes that one needs to always remain inspired and steadfast in the face of adversity and is hopes to make more musical compositions that inspire people with relatable and moving storytelling.




Name: Bryant Rowe
Email: [email protected]