Rising R&B Star TheTonyTyme Releases New Single, “No Stress”

Listen to TheTonyTyme’s Latest R&B and Dancehall Take on Feel-Good Music

Hartford, Connecticut – Tony Tyme or TheTonyTyme is a budding R&B artist who grew up surrounded by a mixture of cultures. He absorbed the musical environment from his childhood days that always included upbeat dancehall and soulful gospel music. This allowed the artist to create unique music that is incredibly diversified. After beating several challenging moments in his life, Tony used his deep emotions to create hopeful and optimistic music.

“No Stress” is TheTonyTyme’s latest single release. This feel-good single has an energetic vibe that is groovy but mellow. The chorus stems from the 90s hit single, “Candy Rain”. Its lyrics heavily revolve around the concept of joy and happiness in life, leaving a positive effect on anyone who listens.

TheTonyTyme’s vocals shine through, thanks to the instrumental produced by CEE & Ralph. The vocal direction was captured by Merrick Shaw, later mixed and mastered by Dale Virgo and CT native RT. With the help of these creative artists, Tony has created a single that offers a fresh take to dancehall and R&B music.

He strongly believes in women upliftment. This theme and belief continuously show in his new single and other songs like “Mood Girl” and “Bust It”.

“No Stress” is a dynamic single with energy, ready to uplift club-goers and put them in a party mood. It will bring retro lovers a taste of the 90s while still having that modern beat that young listeners can relate to.

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Tony Tyme, better known as TheTonyTyme, is an R&B artist, born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Tony’s Jamaican heritage combined with a childhood surrounded by gospel music holds strong influences on his music style. The artist has collaborated with other producers and musicians like 730bossy, Crisis, Cee, and Ralph to share his eclectic vibe with listeners. Besides solo music, Tony is viewed as a creator and mentor for other independent creative artists looking to make it big in the music industry.




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