Robert Grant Refuses to Grow Up But Pops

Robert Grant Refuses to Grow Up But PopsRobert Grant is a fresh new artist who only wants to be a rockstar when he grows up. The one term everyone hates is “Grow Up.” This song is a testament to that. It’s all about liking your life the way it is and looking at the future and saying, “Not today adulthood.” It could be Peter Pan’s urban theme song. “Rude Girl” could be looked at as the counterpart to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy.” Only this one is more innocent sounding than her smash single. The way Robert sings is sweet and will likely garner the attention of fans of Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Ralph Ave jumps on “Excuse My Eyes” and it’s a hit with the two of them together. It’s a genuine love song. “Rockstar” is like a good time song, it will make you feel happy when you sing along to it with the top down. If you’re into pop music that has an R&B flare to it, check out Robert Grant. (