Russel Warner Fuses the Island and Big Apple

Russel Warner Fuses the Island and Big AppleRussel Warner was born in Trinidad and showcases that in his music, but living in Brooklyn, New York has also influenced his sound as well. What’s a party without a “Party Freak?” Russel Warner makes sure you want him at your next shindig with this infectious mainstream take on hip hop. It has its dance elements as well. “Trees (The Weed Song)” takes things down a bit. It has a more reggae feel to it as expected with the rasta, herbal refreshment content at hand. “Reason” comes completely from the opposite end of the spectrum. It sounds like an 80’s ballad and you would never have guessed it was the same artist. “Lonelyness” stays on that same pace but brings a little more now into the mix with the musical side of the song. If you’re into artists you could literally hear on a number of stations, check out Russel Warner. (