Robert J. Hunter

Robert J. Hunter

Robert J. Hunter delivers a high energy, gruff, performance of dirty blues. RJH’s debut single, ‘Demons’ is out now and has reached number one in the UK Itunes Blues Chart. His debut album, ’Songs for the Weary’ is out 10th February 2015. Heavily influenced by Peter Green, Tom Waits and The Doors to name a few, RJH is no stranger to the stage, performing in bands since he was 14. He signed to Spectra Records in December 2013 having previously supported acts such as Wilko Johnson, Josh Kumra and Hey Moon Shaker. The CD wastes no time on its mission to blow minds to smithereens with the magnificent Turning, a killer opener that makes way for the title track, “Demons,” which deals with every bit of pain going on inside this amazing talent, oozing out all over the place. This is as perfect as any adult contemporary blues song can get. It is without critical penetration, a completely beyond reproach track that begs to be heard by everyone who gives a flying leap about music anymore, as far as I’m concerned. It’s really that good, you have to sit back and take it all in a few times to wrap your head around the majesty of it. These songs aren’t so easy to describe, you just want to praise them for their every note. I also like Nightmares and See You In Hell, as two other favorites, but they’re all equally brilliant in their own right. If you can get past the idea that he might just be copying Tom Waits and the very few others like him to have ever sung like this, like them or not, then you’ll miss a great thing.

It really doesn’t get any better than this, as you have to hear Robert J Hunter to believe what he’s putting over, and I strongly suggest every single reader of this review to do so, ASAP! It’s an experience worth every penny of your money. I would rate it a ten, but I’ll save that for when I hear more of him.

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– Cory Frye

Score: 9/10