Robert Starks and the Diamondtones Dance Band are Trending Again with a Hot New Single!

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Hollywood, California — Robert Starks and the Diamondtones Dance Band are back with a bang with their latest single, “Princess Loveishas Mirage.” This spectacular new piece was released in January 2021 and has since grabbed music lovers’ attention across the globe.

Produced by Hott-Lava Records LLC, this piece has both magnificent vocals and splendid instrumentals. Starks and his worthy bandmates have certainly outdone themselves with this piece as it blends R&B with elements of hip hop.

While the track is quite commercial in nature, it beautifully retains the essence of the R&B genre. Moreover, this track highlights Stark’s full voice as he sounds as good as ever. “Princess Loveishas Mirage” has instrumentals that focus on balancing the lead guitar with the vocals with impressive precision.

With plenty of variations throughout the track, Starks and his bandmates have created a consistent track that undoubtedly places it a notch above others. Starks and his fellow artists have created a superbly balanced track that keeps listeners hooked till the last second.

If you’re yet to check out this phenomenal piece by Robert Starks and the Diamondtones Dance Band, stream their new single, “Princess Loveishas Mirage,” right away! What’s more, you can check out their other tracks too! Plus, give them a follow on Facebook and YouTube for all the exciting, behind-the-scenes action during their tours and live events!






Robert Starks and the Diamondtones Dance Band are an R&B band that hails from Hollywood, California. With several hits under their belt, this band creates music that is rich in classic R&B tunes with a touch of modern hip hop and pop. This band believes in seeking inspiration from their homeland as they make music that is both reflective and reminiscent of its culture.




Robert Starks and the Diamondtones Dance Band
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