Robert Twamley Unveils His Christmas Single, “Christmas Without You”

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Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden – November 27, 2020 Robert Twamley believes that a musical piece should always tell an engaging and meaningful story. Although often melancholic, Robert’s songs use lyrics with a profound meaning behind them that the artist hopes will help people find some sense of comfort. He gets his inspiration for writing by telling the numerous stories he has heard and observed from his everyday life.

Robert has recently come out with a new single for the Christmas time, ‘Christmas Without You.’ It recites the emotional ballad of a man who is struggling to gather the Christmas spirit for his two small children after his wife left him. With the struggles of this year, Robert believes this song will resonate with the feelings of many people this Christmas season.

The artist has worked hard to bring this story to life by writing and recording the music solo. To get the best production value for his music and listeners, he had his song produced by Jens Classon and Benjamin Önnhed from Studio Classon in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Robert approaches all his musical pieces with the same emotional touch. His first single, “My Crazy One,” is another tale about a man’s unrequited love. He has also co-written songs for the Irish duo, Rob and Carro, like “Without Any Doubt,” “Nobody Knows,” and “If You’re Coming Back Some Day.” These songs were also played regularly on Swedish radio, helping him widen his fanbase.

Christmas Without You is an unpretentious song that will definitely leave an impact on anyone who hears it. The song takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster that makes them reflect on their lives as well. Robert hopes that his new single will help him gain recognition as a songwriter, giving him that extra motivation to stay on his path to becoming a full-time musician.

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Robert Twamley is an Irish singer-songwriter hailing from Falkenberg, Sweden. Robert started his musical journey by recording songs with his wife, Caroline Twamley, a Swedish author. He has done solo work as well, recording heartfelt music that aims to provoke deep emotions in listeners. His musical influences include iconic songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Roger Miller, Gordon Lightfoot, and Leonard Cohen. Apart from pursuing his passion for music, Robert is also a student of The Irish Film Actors Studio and has done voice acting for several TV and radio shows.


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