Shane Is Hyped For First Album Release

Fans Will Need To Get Ready For Impact

North Hollywood, California – December 16, 2020 – Pop artist Shane Cunningham’s first full-length album is promising a blast into childhood nostalgia as well as great entertainment. “Brace For Impact” will bring both childhood and adult dreams for life.

“Brace For Impact” has eleven catchy pop tracks for every mood and experience. Shane’s talent for singing and songwriting has created great music. Shane describes his album with, “The tracks touch on love, grinding to make money and this idea of perseverance. It’s an album about pursuing your goals while keeping love very close to your heart.” Shane’s dance-friendly album is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Shane has been in the music industry for ten years. Shane’s goal is to make music for people to feel better about themselves. Shane composes his lyrics and melodies and comes up with the concepts for his videos. He is a self-made musician who is determined to climb to the top.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Shane Cunningham for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.



Shane Cunningham is a singer and dancer/performer that has been creating music for the last 10 years. Shane makes dance-friendly pop music that touches on some country elements along with a bit of rock and R&B. The music is meant to make you feel good about yourself! Hailing from California, Shane has loved collaborating with others that love to do the same thing as me. Shane writes all of his own lyrics and melodies and plans the concepts for his videos.


Shane Cunningham

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