Rousing Progressive and Classic Fusion Rock: Emerging Artist Glen Winters Reveals New Album

With music that is both powerful and striking, singer and songwriter Glen Winters is driven to empower and energize with the release of his stunning new album titled “When I Feel Like This”

Ellicott City, Maryland – March 26th, 2021 – An up-and-coming artist, Glen Winters is motivated to compose rhythmic and powerful musical compositions, climbing atop the charts of the Rock genre as a true force to be reckoned with.

Highlighting his formidable and powerful vocals, complemented by the fervent use of drums and bass, the rising vocalist and producer is ready to become the best new addition to the world of high-energy Rock music, with a fresh new album titled “When I Feel Like This”.

Inspired and driven by his roots in Classic and Progressive Rock music, the budding singer wishes to imbue the genre with a much-needed sense of authenticity. With the release of his new album, under the music collective known as “The Glen Winters Project”, Glen Winters is achieving all these goals and more.

Empowered by the growing artist’s spirited vocals, the group showcases their brilliance on singles such as “Wishing Well” and “If Only” with the use of energizing guitar, sensational bass, dynamic keyboards, and electric vocal prowess. Having released on 26th March 2021, the new album displays Glen Winter’s stellar vocals and drums, along with Vivian Rozane’s on vocals, Dave DeMarco a member of the prog group “Crack The Sky” handling bass, BMI recording artist Sam White on guitar, Glenn Workman, also a member of “Crack The Sky” on keyboards, and Jake Mossman doing his part co-producing and as a musical engineer at The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts.

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Up-and-coming artist Glen Winters is a powerhouse of talent when it comes to Progressive and Classic Rock fusions. Hailing from the Hudson Valley, north of New York City, Glen Winters was always motivated and inspired by the inimitable power and energy that Rock music had to offer.

Experimenting with his vocal prowess and masterful use of drums, Winters continued to evolve and grow his musical abilities and talents. Today, the budding singer and producer independently crafts Rock music, while based in Clarksville, Maryland. Performing music in front of an electric and buzzing crowd live is what drives Winters towards Rock music, and he has continued to share the stage with numerous leading regional and national musical acts throughout his journey.

Inspired to create musical compositions that stick to the roots of Classic and Progressive Rock music, while also experimenting and adding his own authentic flair, Glen Winters has continued to amaze.

Well-known in the musical scene as a talented session singer and skilled commercial writer, Glen Winters is now on the path towards reinventing and reigniting Classic and Progressive Rock music, self-styled as “The Glen Winters Project”.




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