Samadhi: The Finest Sensation of Synth, Electronic and Soul

Curating magic and soulful sensations with every beat, Samadhi is a roaring and widely acclaimed new force who is set to take the world of Electronic Music and Soul by surprise with stunning combinations and musical productions

Miami, FLA – January 6th, 2021 – Samadhi is not only the name of a musician and producer but perhaps a movement setting to appreciate, admire and share the beauty that is the world. Acknowledging the sheer magnificence and beauty that the world has to offer, Samadhi’s soulful and moving tracks are an amalgam of electronic beats and soulful world music that is set to inspire masses around the world. Already popular and a craze on musical platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify, Samadhi’s powerful and stirring compositions are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Electronic music. Samadhi believes that the world is all about choices and paths that lead to either salvation and hope or discontent and destruction. Clarity makes one stronger and brings harmony to the heart, mind and soul and it is with this motive and mindset that his music allows for internal dialogue and truth-seeking.

Samadhi’s powerful and soulful musical compositions recognize the need for spreading peaceful vibes and making sure the message put across through the soul and voice of music is one that calls on people to be good. Samadhi’s music is important and unique as in today’s world of meaningless EDM compositions, Samadhi provides a welcome retreat into the meaning and truer message associated with musical compositions. Unification of people of same energy is what leads to prosperity according to Samadhi and it is only through this feeling that people are able to improve the quality of their lives. Through his stunning and meaningful music, Samadhi is all set to become a beacon of hope and a household favorite through blissful musical curation.





Following his heart and spirit, the up-and-coming, talented musician Samadhi is unrestrainedly doing what he perceives to be good. His creativity is to not simply be limited by the music he produces but rather creates an entire all-encompassing journey that envelopes a listener through the magnitude of unique drawings, sounds, and hidden messages for a more intimate and soulful musical experience. This immerses the listener in a musical journey replete with new realms of perception and concentration, expanding one’s consciousness past the obstinate egoism through the powerful force of love, unity and gratitude towards new heights of salvation.

Samadhi’s unique and idealistic vision expresses itself through the statement that we must always remember we’re pristine souls and be unified in enjoying the act of giving and creating as well as in accepting reality by improving ourselves and bettering the world around us. It is this selfless message that makes his music not only inimitable but also a stunning ode to people and the world.



Name: Boris Pavlenko

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (786) 886-9999