Sensual and Enriching Jazz and Soul Combos: Will Ready Unveils New Single

With soulful and stunning tracks that both envelop listeners with peace and spin magical tales of love and beauty, seasoned artist Will Ready is ready and pumped to steal the show with a striking new single titled “Searching 4 Love”

Atlanta, Georgia – April 10th, 2021 –  A seasoned singer and songwriter Will Ready is climbing atop the charts of creativity as he showcases seasoned vocals and production in his stunning new compositions.

Flawlessly melding and marrying the genres of R&B and Soul, this brilliant artist is ready to take the world of Soul and Jazz by storm.

A man of many talents, Will Ready has a penchant for blending diverse and varying genres to perfection. With the release of his fresh new single titled “Searching 4 Love”, the growing artist highlights what can be described as the sensual unison of Soul and Jazz genres.

Echoing a journey that he describes as “romantic” and “real”, “Searching 4 Love” channels both authenticity and flair, featuring both touching songwriting and powerful vocals. An anthem of adoration, the new single is a raw and burning reminder of the many faces of life, love, and loss, and is an R&B song that will touch the hearts and minds of many loving souls.

Having released on 7th April 2021, “Searching 4 Love” is the perfect mix of enriching and exciting beats set against an instrumental that is as authentic as it is relatable. A smooth and seamless mix of emotions and vocals, the new single has set the stage for Will Ready to conquer the multi-faceted genres of R&B, Jazz, and Soul.

Planned to be the first of several singles that will culminate in his upcoming, planned album ‘Touch’, “Searching 4 Love” is a representation of many emotions and sentiments.

“[a] blend of R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz….is the perfect combination,” says Will Ready regarding the release of his latest love song.

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Seasoned singer and songwriter Will Ready is a stunning force to be reckoned with when it comes to crafting musical compositions that are both sensual and moving. The skilled singer notes Charlie Wilson, Luther Vandross, and Keith Sweat among his driving inspirations, and has continued to adapt his musical prowess, igniting passion and emotions.

Ready’s stunning new single “Searching 4 Love” highlights the artist on a journey to find true love, evoking intimate sentiments through powerful and memorable vocals. This professional singer has independently crafted his new single, which is now available on all of his official music platforms. Planning to complete and release follow-up singles, Will Ready intends to complete his musical narrative with an album later this year.




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