New Exciting Single from Alternative Band Vices Inc

Check out the pop punk singles and latest album, ‘An Everyday Hero.’

Portland, Maine – 15th May 2021 – If you’re looking for an alternative punk band to make your worries go away, then Vices Inc has the perfect single for you! The latest single, ‘With You Again,’ is all about falling in love with your one and going through the up’s and downs of building that relationship and bond.

Vices Inc is a four-person band that explores themes of love and emotion through the lens of punk-pop. You can feel the emotion that they are expressing through their melodious music and heartbreaking lyrics. Their latest album, ‘Rolling ’82,’ will be released June 19th 2021 on Southie Heights Records and will give listeners a fresh take on the New Wave and 80’s Pop/Rock/Dance styles of music.

Apart from coming up with emotional and alternative music, Vices Inc also channels fun energy. It is why their music seems to be popular and their singles a hit. The single ‘Giving In But Not Giving Up’ by Vices Inc was released on 24th December 2020 and its music video on 23rd January 2021. The Album ‘An Everyday Hero’ was released on New Years’ Eve 2020, which shows Vice Inc’s stellar vocal performance.

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Vices Inc is an alternative punk band based out of Portland, Maine. Being a four-person band, they have talented artists who are vocalists, play the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and ukulele. Their music is diverse, spanning from alternative rock to punk-pop. They are trying out music that brings out older sounds in modern beats with impactful lyrics to move the soul.



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