Sergeant John Dubiel – The Veteran Musician Brings Us Together

Listen to his influential track about the BLM Movement.

Villa Park, IL – November 27, 2020 – Sergeant John Dubs Squad Leader Combat Fusion Band has released his latest single “BLM Black Lives Matter To The Street” to help induce social change. Sergeant Johnny Dubs is joining forces to support the Black Lives Matter Movement in America. He has employed the power of the music industry to promote justice and to eliminate white privilege.

Sergeant Johnny Dubs, aka John Dubiel, was awarded the Purple Heart Medal for his sacrifice in the Vietnam War. Apart from being a sergeant, he has been a decorated businessman, producer, artist, and songwriter. His latest release brings his half century of music experience to help support the BLM movement.

Inspired by working alongside the brave soldiers of African descent during the war and ready to put an end to oppression, Dubiel set out to glorify the Black Lives Matter Movement. He is ready to help end the unrest that has prevailed in society for over 250 years. At 75 years young, John still deals with effects of the Vietnam War and agent orange and had to put the project on hold. With the help of producer Jeremiah Fleming, this 7 year project has been released to much fanfare. 

“BLM Black Lives Matter To The Street” has effectively glorified the idea of black and white people living together in harmony and increasing the overall strength of the country. The idealistic song invokes feelings of empathy and brotherhood in the listeners.

Since John has personally experienced the psychological trauma accompanying war, he has incorporated these feelings into his music. Sergeant John Dubs Squad Leader Combat Fusion Band’s song “BLM Black Lives Matter To The Street” has effectively drawn the attention of the public to a pressing issue in their society that needs to be addressed. Sergeant Johnny Dubs has successfully changed the direction of his combat from the war zones in Vietnam to his country’s streets.

Dubiel and Fleming, who has been producing music for decades, joined together to form JnJ Productions, and will be releasing more songs in the near future.

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John Dubiel, Vietnam vet and Purple Heart recipient, has been making music since the 70s and has played with renowned artists such as Chaka Khan. He has made tremendous contributions to his country and dreams about a world free from oppression. His most recent release “BLM To The Streets” has the purpose of charging the country’s youth with feelings of empathy and encouraging them to bring about a change in society. John Dubiel and Jeremiah Fleming will be releasing more songs in the near future. Follow on Facebook to stay updated.


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