Shadow Puppet Theatre Release “SETIA”

Linguistics are hardly a limitation when the narrative is as passion-filled as it is in the new single and music video “SETIA” from Shadow Puppet Theatre; truthfully, a multilingual approach to this kind of a song is precisely what demonstrates the versatility of its creator. Scarcely is there a moment in the video’s three and a half minutes of play in which Shadow Puppet Theatre are presenting us with anything other than a superbly affectionate story, told both through melodicism and visual trappings befitting of an organic home movie. Honest and humble on every front, “SETIA” is the perfect way to get into its creators this winter. 


The percussion in this mix frames everything exquisitely and forms a strong enough beat to get us swinging along with the band around every turn in the composition, but it never becomes a distraction from the melodic wonderment in the mix. There’s nothing potent enough to eclipse the warmth of the smoky lead vocal we find occupying the center of the track and tying everything together in fanciful, toned ribbonry, and even though the video offers us plenty of charm in its own right, the song itself is always the main focus here. 

Feel-good pop has never been in as high a demand as it’s been in the last couple of years, making this possibly the best time for an act like Shadow Puppet Theatre to come out of the woodwork. Unlike many of their peers, SPT isn’t wrapped up in the complexities of a neo-progressive conceptualism steeped more in old school rock principles than it is millennial melodic charisma, and “SETIA” verifies as much. I can’t wait to hear what else they’re going to turn in this year, and something tells me other fans of the independent beat are going to be sharing me sentiments. 

Zachary Rush