War Panties’ new singles “Delaware Cornfields” and “Creaky Crooked Woman”

In War Panties’ new singles “Delaware Cornfields” and “Creaky Crooked Woman,” the guitars don’t just serve as a backdrop to the lyrical lashings of our singers – they’re an agent of expression all on their own. “Delaware Cornfields” utilizes its string element to convey a pastoral sensibility gently touched on by the verses, whereas “Creaky Crooked Woman” electrifies us with a bluesy swell as grand as it gets. Despite some vague aesthetical differences, the result of their presence is largely the same; a semi-virtuosic, guitar-centric sound quite exciting to come by if you’re as big a fan of raw instrumental prowess as I am. 

The music videos for these two tracks don’t overindulge in their themes; “Creaky Crooked Woman” immerses us in mild psychedelia but steers clear of overly druggy references while “Delaware Cornfields” presents us with as literal an interpretation of its narrative as could be constructed. Even amidst the visuals in these two documents, the duel between the six-strings and the vocals for our collective approval is so good that the only true winner winds up being the audience. War Panties have a dedication to unfiltered musicality that isn’t getting lost in translation here – truthfully, it’s the centerpiece of both songs. 

Puritan music fans and those simply looking for some smart indie content this January should be sure to check out War Panties’ most recent studio work in the form of “Delaware Cornfields” and “Creaky Crooked Woman” as they establish this band as a focused act capable of versatility and sharp deliveries regardless of the setting. It will be a great pleasure to see them in person when regular touring resumes, but in the meantime I think there’s an argument to be made that this act’s unpolluted approach to recording is as good a sample of their stage show as we could ask to have. 

Zachary Rush