“Stay (Robot Mix)” by Snuttock

Synthetic but entirely delicate and capable of supporting the dreamy images in the music video, Snuttock’s signature harmony in the new single “Stay (Robot Mix)” is what makes the simple song such a difficult and entrancing tune to indulge yourself with. Although it’s worth taking note that “Stay (Robot Mix)” often feels like an homage to the post-punk and proto-Britpop of a late 80’s alternative rock scene, its intentionally plasticized melodicism doesn’t appear to be stylized as a retro piece of art exclusively. There’s something really personal about this track that only becomes clear after repeat listens, each of which I’ve found to be more engaging than the one to come before it. 

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The old school elements in this mix are cosmetic in nature and mostly adapted to suit a modern style of compressed pop magic, but they’re still clear enough to tell where Snuttock takes a lot of their influence from. They’re flirting with excesses that haven’t been properly shaped into pure emotion since the likes of New Order, but there’s nothing shaky about their experimentation with the hook, for example. The confidence level behind their execution is impressive, and probably reason enough to keep them on your radar into 2021 and beyond. 


A blissfully lush track that embraces an odd identity with pride and extreme prejudice against the status quo, I’d recommend Snuttock’s “Stay (Robot Mix)” to any fan of eclectic alternative music incapable of following the rules of a blasé mainstream market. Though there are other acts trying to pull off what they are here, I can’t say that I’ve heard any duos utilizing swagger in an electropunk-style context as well as they are here. It feels like the tipping point for something much grander on the horizon, and I plan on sticking around to find out that new day has in store for their sound. 

Zachary Rush