Singer Elisabeth Grey Just Wants Her Listeners To Smile

Growth, life lessons, and plenty of relaxation is in store

Harderwijk, Gelderland Netherlands – March 26th, 2021 – Singer/songwriter Elisabeth Grey is challenging the notion of old age and the limits of living one’s dream. The artist has dared to do what few people her age even fathom as possible: following her dream of recording an album. Aged fifty-five, Elisabeth defying all musical convention, has released a new single, “Insomnia.”

In her middle ages, the singer has established her career uniquely by working with top Dutch musicians, successfully bringing together two generations to produce highly enjoyable music. Highly relatable, upbeat, and meaningful, the artist’s work touches upon issues faced by people of all generations. The lyrical content is concise yet manages to speak volumes to the listener. Her most recent single, “Insomnia,” is a laid-back and instantly enjoyable composition. Elisabeth’s sweet and delicate crooning will make the listener instantly sit back and relax.

The singer’s philosophy is simple. Life begins now, she says. With a single-minded dedication towards starting her musical career, Elisabeth has proven to all that prejudices about aging are unfounded and must be eradicated from all areas of life, art in particular. Reclaiming pop music, the artist is convinced that there is no better time than now to start following her ambitions. Youth, the artist believes, was spent racing after work, success, children, and survival. At fifty, now that the children have left home, it is time to follow one’s secret ambitions. She wishes to be a support and a source of inspiration for all men and women who had to spend their youth struggling and could not follow their passions as a result. Elisabeth’s music is also oriented towards making one smile and giving hope that it is not over yet; there is still more to come and look forward to.

Writing music with wisdom that only comes with time and decades of experience, Elisabeth intends to stand for an entire generation that does not give and is still committed to life. In all her maturity, the artist still manages to exude a childlike joy and wonder for life, as shown in the album, ‘You’ve Got To Grow.’

Elisabeth Grey wishes to spread her music journey far and wide. The singer is open to performance gigs, TV shows, and radio invites to promote her music. Listeners can find her new single, “Insomnia,” and other tracks here.






Elisabeth Grey is a new singer who launched her career at age fifty-five. The artist produces music in the pop genre, breaking all pop music laws. Aware of the social stigma attached to making music at her age, Elisabeth is determined to continue singing and establishing her career.



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