Singer-Songwriter Delivers Two Distinct Styles Spartacus Jones 

Singer-Songwriter Delivers Two Distinct Styles Spartacus Jones 

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Ithaca, New York – September 25, 2020 – Everyone has multiple sides to who they are. For example, singer-songwriter Spartacus Jones isn’t just someone who specializes in Jazz Noir. Oh no, with this talented musician, fans also get a large dose of Renegade Country music. While his styles fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, he finds a way to make them each work in their own way. 

Spartacus Jones compares the two styles to being one-jacks; the Jack of Spades being the Jazz Noir, and the Jack of Hearts representing his Renegade Country style. With songs like “Old School” there is an untouched level of class, while “Chansons de geste” advocates for liberty and justice. This Chicago-born artist isn’t just about writing about making a difference in this world, he’s about acting on it with a percentage of profits from “Film Noir Cowboy” and his album ‘Many Ponies’ being donated to the horse rescue Rainbow Meadows. 

“He’s clever with a lyric, and his arrangements are both musical and mature. He has an uncanny ability to render a visual experience with his music, like going to a movie with your eyes closed; you know already from the music exactly what’s happening on the screen.” – Will Russell, Electric Wilburland

Growing up in Chicago, Spartacus Jones found himself immersed in music by 13. He wasn’t just a kid listening to the radio, no. He was more. He was an artist setting the foundation for what was to come. Just a teen, he started writing and performing in various rock bands as well as a solo act. Today, when he’s not creating music, he’s still got a pen in hand working on his novels. 

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