Skyhawk Drive Proving That Alternative Rock Bands Still Have It

Skyhawk Drive Proving That Alternative Rock Bands Still Have ItSkyhawk Drive, the five piece band rock alternative band from Pennsylvania has been working hard since 2009 to make it big the competitive alternative genre. With the rise in social media websites like youtube and reverbnation allowing anyone with a camera to upload their music, it has created a domino effect where there is too much music and the talented musicians often get put aside due to the youtube superstars. Fortunately, Skyhawk Driven were able to release their second album through Skies Fall Records enabling them to have the resources to rise above all others in promoting and producing their music.

Ever since the release of their self titled album they have gained a loyal following. And for good reason their melodies, soft vocals, and captivating production will leave you breathless. The acoustic version to “Silent Says” is exceptional. The violin shines above all us through out the song with an acoustic guitar in the background to help the song stay afloat. The vocals are untouched with no delay or reverb needed as it was perfectly recorded. The pop friendly “Their Dance Your Chance” reminds me of bands like Cartel, as the mixing of the guitars goes wonderful with the unforgettable vocals.

All their music can be found here Hopefully they’ll mature as they work more together, refine their sound, and give us more awesome music.