The Dukes of Glynn

The Dukes of GlynnRock-Country band The Dukes of Glynn from Brunswick, GA compose of; Randy (guitar and vox), Noel (guitar,bass,vox), Preacher (guitar,bass,vox), Lee (drums,vox), and Vince (drums). They haven’t released an album together as of now they’re a group of friends that make music together and seeing where it takes them.

The opening guitar riff to “Blood On A Shovel” is mind opening. And don’t worry the riffs continue through out the song. The subject matter is rather dark and sinister with some nostalgia value as the lead vocalist sings “just searching to save my soul from this old heart full of ache now the old boots that i’m treadin’ in are caked with mud and the souls worn thin but i hear a lonesome whistle from a long,black train.” The drum driven track “Fire Women” is less intense and more rocks favorite subject, women. The drums show no mercy with its crazy timing and abrasive pattern. The lyrics are wild too “she ‘ll take you up and bring you down she’ll spread her love stink around this town from the depths of hell with eyes a-flame she’s a prom queen and a dancer and if you hold her, you’ll feel her cancer .” The change in tone of vox is also suitable, instead of a high-mid tone, the vocals are deep and will send chills down your spine.

The instrument arrangement, lyrics, vocals, and production are outstanding, keep them going guys!