The Best Blend A Jack Of All Trades Producer

The Best Blend A Jack Of All Trades ProducerThe Best Blend (Jay Schmetz) is a talented music Producer out of Guyton , Ga. He produces all kinds of music; rap, acoustic, dance, electronic and many others. The deep electronic track “Mellow Yellow” featuring an unknown vocalist raps about freedom “somebody tell you when to eat, somebody tell you when to sleep, they like to say you innocent until you proven guilty…they don’t give a good god damn where’s the decency all they want is your money they so greedy…” This song talks about the harsh realities of life and how we think we’re free but might be still restricted by the system.

“Acoustic Jam” is not entirely acoustic, but it is indeed a love song. The rapper talks about never regretting a day since he met the day of life. The acoustic guitar strumming is ear pleasing and goes well with the synthesizer and full drum beats.

“Wild Like The Taliban” is a song for the gangsters that like to boogie. “Dance With Me” is an instrumental electronic track. It’s not as crazy as dubstep or anything, it keeps the same peace through the song with no sudden changes. It’s perfect to bob your head to. However, towards the end the drum loop comes into a full effect speeding up the song to the perfect tempo.

Jay Schmetz does it all and to hear more go here