Sophia Gonzon Displays Amazing Power In Latest Release

Newest Song Is An Anthem To Personal Triumph

Boca Raton, Florida – November 18, 2020 – Artist Sophia Gonzon is encouraging listeners to find their self worth with the release of her latest song. “XYZ” is an anthem dedicated to one’s self-worth as well as sending a message to not remain in bad relationships. “XYZ” will be the hottest pop track on the charts.

“XYZ” begins with Sophia’s strong and emotional voice saying goodbye to a bad partner. The lyrics encourage listeners to stop the pain and get rid of a bad romantic relationship. They are able to stand alone and be strong. “XYZ” has a pop blend of sound that listeners can both sit back and listen to or find themselves dancing. There is some rock edge to the song, which is what Sophia is moving closer to in her musical journey. Sophia along with PLYBCK Music Group/Band wrote the song using their own personal fears and anxieties to fuel their creativity. “XYZ” is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Sophia previously released a song called “Enough,” which is about the Parkland school shootings and the death of rapper XXXTentacion. It is an emotional plea to end violence and the trauma those actions bring.

Sophia Gonzon has stated, “I’ve tried to sing with emotion and heart connecting my voice with what the song is about rather than trying to sound like one of the top artists everyone is already listening to.” Sophia is already proving she can stand out from the crowd. Her heart and soul is heard through each song she sings. Sophia has overcome struggles with PTSD to make herself an advocate for those in need. Sophia Gonzon was the first artist to record at Create Music Group’s Los Angeles facility, and has already worked with many great artists. She is definitely the singer to sit up and pay attention to.

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