Tealand Smith Offers A Christmas Message To Listeners

The Holidays Will Sound Brighter With This Tune

Atlanta, Georgia – November 18, 2020Pop artist Tealand Smith is ushering in the holidays early with the release of his latest song. “Christmas In America” is a gentle melody with a hopeful message. It should be added to any listeners’ holiday playlist.

“Christmas In America” has a smooth, pop melody with R&B twists that will make listeners think of Mariah Carey. It is both happy and gentle to the ears. The song’s lyrics are sung with Tealand’s emotional and strong voice. The song talks about children’s hopes and wishes for Christmas. It encourages people to go out and spread and love and joy during the holidays. The song also contains excellent production value as well as bringing a warm feeling to the holidays. “Christmas in America” was released on October 13th. It is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Tealand is also in the studio laying down some tracks to be released in 2021. Be on the lookout on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Tealand Smith comes from a musical background, where he started singing from the age of five. Tealand signed a record deal to Super Producer Dallas Austin’s Atlanta Based Rowdy / Arista Records after he graduated high school. He was able to work with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb on his first album. Since then, Tealand’s career has been going steadily upward, even after major setbacks. Tealand is dedicated to creating make music that will make the world feel like a better place. Tealand Smith is an artist pop fans will need to follow and share with their friends.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Tealand Smith for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

Tealand Smith
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