Soul-Stirring Alternative and Blues Music: Presenting to the World Dylan Kane

Creating rich and memorable musical compositions that stay with you long after you’ve listened to them, Dylan Kane is all set to become the next great sensation to come from the genres of Alternative and dynamic and thoughtful Blues music

Evening Shade, Arkansas – March 5th, 2021 –  Budding Singer/Songwriter Dylan Kane is a self-styled “thoughtologist” who aims to use his music to impart wisdom through original song writing which is both unique and characteristic of his art. With driving conviction and motivation, Dylan Kane intends to use his music to spread the true and authentic messages- feelings and thoughts experienced by everyone but barely expressed through music. With his rich and memorable Blues compositions, Dylan Kane is on the right path to capture moments and expressions with his upcoming musical albums and tracks.

With his upcoming album slated for release this year aptly called “Medicine Man”, Dylan Kane provides an ethereal and stunning escape into a wonderland of music which is both rhythmic and unique and relatable- characteristics that are much needed in today’s musical scene. The album’s featured two singles to be released on March 5 are titled “Daughters of a Stoned Decade” and “Drinking Gasoline” and are expected to be an amazing display of Dylan Kane at his best. Coupling soulful musical harmonies with rich and relatable lyricism, Dyland Kane’s music speaks volumes of the inner voice deep within his soul.

One of the most characteristic and iconic features of Dylan Kane’s talent is his musical versatility. Dylan plays pianos to perfection along with playing other instruments perfectly as a stunning and talented percussionist, including guitars, mandolins, banjos, basses, and violins. He also enjoys playing and perfecting his skills with other instruments such as drums, maracas, tambourines and an assortment of harmonicas. He considers his typical musical setting: his own private garage and studio a playground where he invents stunning tunes and often plays along with featuring artists that he likes to jam with. Despite its low intensity setting, Dylan Kane remains motivated to improve his style and musical abilities and talents in his personal studio, creating magic with melodic music that is both appealing and provides a rich vibe to enjoy.




Dylan Kane Patterson is a self-taught, independent musician and singer who first began his musical journey when his father gifted him a guitar at the age of 13. Growing up, Dylan Kane improved and improvised, curating stunning musical compositions to perfect and hone his skills and talents. At just 17, Dylan was able to independently create one of his most famous songs: “Medicine Man”. Dylan Kane has also written a number of other singles over the years, including “Nine Miles to Hardy,” “Crows Fly in Heaven,” “Palm of Your Hands,” “Hard Life Livin’ Strange” and “Picket Sign.”

Dylan Kane recently recorded 18 songs with the highly acclaimed and celebrated Sun Studios in Memphis and continues to experiment and perfect other singles slated for release later. His musical compositions and tracks are all available on his official music platforms and websites and




Name: Dylan Kane
Phone Number: (870) 321-4183
Email Address: [email protected]