Soul-Stirring and Original Song Writing that Inspires: Hovig Nassanian’s Stunning Acoustic Single Captures the Hearts of Worldwide Audiences

With his stunning new track, Hovig Nassanian has acquired the coveted International Songwriting Competition 2021’s semifinalist spot with “Worth Waiting For”

Pyrgos Limassol, Cyprus — March 14th, 2022 – Few artists can capture the spirit of their genre with peerless dynamism and originality, but talented composer Hovig Nassanian is here to beat all odds. With his soulful original track, “Worth Waiting For”, the artist shares with the world one of his many distinct and memorable song writing styles.

“Worth Waiting For” was written 17 years ago and is an original that was independently penned down by Hovig Nassanian. In 2021, the single was selected as a Semifinalist for the infamous International Songwriting Competition.

“Worth Waiting For” also features as a piano solo on the artist’s ‘Peaceful‘ album which was unveiled only last year, and released as a single in March 2021.

Competing against the best song writing talents from across the world, “Worth Waiting For” exudes an aura of uniqueness that sets Nassanian apart from other artists. A meaningful, poignant, and emotive offering, the Acoustic track was written as an instrumental number for the artist’s wedding in 2005, as the final track of a CD which the artist and his wife produced for their wedding guests.

Last year, inspired by a milestone birthday and wanting to add a new dimension to the composition, the eclectic artist wrote down the lyrics for the track and had his music colleague Johan Drejare, who is based in Sweden, sing it. The track was later released as both a single release and music video.

“I also talk about this song and the reasons for writing it in one of the episodes of my podcast, Drop A Note. It is particularly meaningful for my wife, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since she was 15 and deals with chronic daily pain,” says the artist regarding his new release.

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Hovig Nassanian is an Armenian pianist and composer who was born in Lebanon but established in Cyprus most of his adult life. He is married to Anna from Sweden and together they have one son who is also a young pianist. Hovig composed his first piece in his early teens, and since then has continued to write various songs, compositions and arrangements. He has written 4 musicals in collaboration with colleagues and produced over a dozen established and original productions.

His first piano solo album (Peaceful, January 2021) has already featured on multiple Spotify playlists and featured in various media reviews and interviews. It has been aired on the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporations CyBC Radio 4 and is on the playlists of Calm Radio, One World Music and The River of Calm. His second piano album, Peaceful Christmas, was released December 2021.

In addition to the piano album, Hovig has released several songs and music videos with collaborating artists during 2021, and also has a podcast, Drop A Note, in which he talks about his compositions, the stories behind them and memorable and funny anecdotes from his life.


Hovig Nassanian
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