Rejuvenating Young Hearts and Minds: Len Guardino a/k/a Champagne Cat® Releases Awe-Inspiring Country Music Album

Len Guardino’s newest release ‘I’ve Got the Texas Blues’ is specifically composed to share a message of positivity and love.

Conroe, Texas — April 7th, 2022 – Len Guardino’s irrepressible cheerfulness shines through his composed music, lyrics, vocal talent and alter ego, Champagne Cat®. The artist’s newest album, ‘I’ve Got the Texas Blues’ presents a consolidation of the positive message that Guardino believes in and wishes to spread into the world. Champagne Cat® attempts to bring much needed happiness, moral strength, fidelity, manners, and wisdom to children all over the globe, reinventing the genre with a meaningful narrative.

Len Guardino’s published works include, among others, “I Like Being With You,” “I Want It All,” “A Moment In Time,” “A Tribute to Elivs – Rockin’ Rollin’ Man,” “Loving You,” “I Want Someone To Love Me,” “You’re Mine,” and many others. His tribute to America: “Everyone Loves America” is an homage to America’s founding fathers and mothers; they gave us the American Dream. His works have been reviewed by various publications including Billboard, Record World, Accent Mag, Smothers Net, Culture Bunker.Com, J.R. Taylor of N.Y. Press, Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine, and others.

Besides music, Len created a family of cat characters, led by Champagne Cat®, (Len’s alter ego), who also appears as a cartoon story where young cats ask their more experienced leader – Champagne Cat® – questions about life. Champagne Cat® also appears in Len Guardino’s children’s book, “The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass on The Little Blue Ball,” about how the Earth came about and how everyone has a responsibility to make the earth happy by keeping its air and water clean. Champagne Cat® is also featured in his own website at where the characters appear in coloring books, on T-shirts, greeting cards, key chains, buttons, and other items that can be found in the Champagne Cat Shop on the main website. Len’s concern for the well-being of children and young adults has continued throughout his life. Len served as the executive director of Fathers’ At Large over several years, where men participated in group events empowering children that needed positive influences in their lives. The inspiring artist was motivated to create Champagne Cat® and the family of cat characters that communicate Len’s philosophy about being moral, of clean-living, and generally exuding positive influences – a mantra that ‘I’ve Got the Texas Blues’ beautifully enshrines.

Champagne Cat® rose out of the eclectic artist’s love for children. Len simply wanted to support children in acquiring skills that involved them becoming aware of themselves and others and turning away from negative influences. The musician embodied this ideal in his favorite children’s character, Champagne Cat®.

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Based in New York City, Len Guardino spent much of his career perfecting his vocal, song writing and recording skills. His style, according to Karl Stober of ejazznews is: “In the grand institution of style as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Al Martino.”

In addition to his passion for vocal excellence, Len authored “Just for Love,” a seven-song musical comedy. The eclectic song writer’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, HearNow and most other digital streaming services.

Len’s Champagne Cat® rose out of Len’s love for children. After serving in the U.S. Army Infantry, the artist returned to New York where he began his career in New York commercial real estate in Manhattan. Len also successfully owned an art gallery off off Madison Avenue, and co-produced Red Magic, an Off-Broadway production. Currently, he is looking forward to creating magical and spellbinding compositions and creating more and valued children’s content under his riveting alter ego – Champagne Cat.


Len Guardino
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