Zap Out of Reality out now!!!

Deer Park, Victoria, Australia — Birthed out of a DJ set which is on this album (You Lost my Dunny Roll DJ Mix), all the vocals were recorded on either Rap Fame or Voloco, which are vocal apps on the App Store. It can’t be T. Ledger’s best album for that reason, but it’s still up there I think with T. Ledger’s other work conceptually.

Once T. Ledger made the Shine instrumental, he did a massive DJ set at DJ Aye and Sebastian Porteous’s house, recorded it and then had the bright idea to continue on the momentum and release another bloody album. Without his trusty laptop, which has been broken even during a lot of the previous year’s work, which now has no charger, he went back to recording vocals on vocal software on his phone, and went back to writing lyrics for most of the work on the album.

The lyrical content is conceptually and lyrically up there with his best lyrical work on previous content, showcased on the songs Seasons Go and Zap Out of Reality. Propane is more a joke track and should be taken with a grain of salt. Butterfly Effect deals with heavy themes and fits with what was said on Zap Out of Reality.

Overall the album is quite enjoyable and seamless in ways; more complete than his last effort which wasn’t bad to say the least. He isn’t taking the easy way out rapping and singing with the phone; it’s understandable in his current situation. Overall, the album is worth your time. This boy ain’t over yet; he’s releasing upwards of four albums by August!

T. Ledger makes the most out of phone technology and the DJ mix at the end a treat for fans of his journey. He’s trying his hardest to give his fans and anyone who stumbles on his discography a great experience and trying his best to put out quality every release. Which is a lot to be frank.

Support T. Ledger! He needs a lot in music gear and tech to release another Magnus opus and he will in the future, without a doubt! He’s heading into his fourth year of music and he wants everyone to follow him to his next classic! Let’s see what he does next.




T. Ledger has released a lot of bloody albums, and it is a roller coaster ride following his artistic endeavours. He’s doing his best to keep everyone satisfied whilst doing what he does best. Here’s to many more years for Trevellyn Arthur Head!


T. Ledger
Name: T. Ledger
Address: 19 Huddersfield Road, Deer Park, Victoria, Australia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0400412187




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