Suitepete Is The Fresh, Rising Voice of Americana Music

Suitepete is an up-and-coming musical sensation who creates the finest musical masterpieces in the genre of Authentic Americana music, both soulful and groovy enough to make any one vibe and move along to the beats

Ontario, Canada – January 28th, 2021- An upcoming powerhouse of fresh and authentic Americana talent, Suitepete is a name to look out for. The independent singer and songwriter is all set to send waves across the Americana musical industry and become a fan favorite with his fresh new single titled “Bohemian Hippie”. A fun and freestyle musical sensation that makes anyone just move along to the beats of the music and feel the beauty around them and within, Suitepete is all set to become a household favorite.

Released on all major music and streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, the song “Bohemian Hippie” tells the soulful and trippy story that deserves to be known by all. Already booming on radios and on streaming platforms, the single is set to make Suitepete soar up and up in the industry. Having played live in many concerts, Suitepete is excited to refreshen his songwriting prowess and continue his legacy having produced 2 Gold records and 1 platinum record.





Pete Boynton also known by his self-styled artistic name Suitepete is a singer, songwriter and musician who graces Americana music with his harmonic vocals and plays piano, organ, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, melodeon, accordion, harmonica, bass guitar, and drums to perfection.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Suitepete had played 3 gigs of solo piano at Casino Rama just north of where he lives in Barrie, Ontario. Suitepete had just started working with Doug Ross from Midland on recording new music. His effective partner Dough is a media expert and has become a good recording engineer and production pal. Along with Doug, Suitepete is all set to release lots of music, one song at a time.

Suitepete has had experience playing his music live on tour all over North America, and is happy to say that he played at the famed and stunning Madison Garden, in New York city (and made it through the set without being booed off the stage). He has also been blessed with stunning gold and platinum records.

Suitepete was once also hired to produce a demo for the Partland Brothers. His assistance helped them to get their record deal with Capitol Records. This experience is what acted as a catalyst encouraging and motivating him to produce music for a range of artists and musicians all around North America. Suitepete today wishes to continue his streak of being a fine addition to the genre of Americana music, creating and producing music that is fresh, authentic and vibes to the tastes of fans and artists of the genre.



Name: Pete Boynton

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +7057920130