Solo Artist Trevor Baldwin’s Album is Uplifting and Inspiring

With an inspiring record of love, hope and encouragement during a historical and unprecedented time, Trevor Baldwin is an up and coming pop sensation bringing real substance to the world of pop music.

Portland, Oregon – February 11th, 2021 – Solo artist, singer, songwriter and producer, Trevor Baldwin debuted his emphatically positive album with the recent release of Something More on January 27th, 2021.

Strongly believing that music’s sole purpose is to help people by bringing joy, giving hope and inspiration, Trevor endeavored to write one of the most inspirational albums ever, start to finish. Through the power of visceral music and thought-provoking lyrics, Trevor has written songs in such a way that everybody can connect with. It offers strong piano and electronic influences combined with light melodies and enticing beats to inspire others on their path in life. His goal is to use his talent to impact the world in a positive way as well as donate a portion of his earnings to suicide prevention in a time when cases are skyrocketing.

Trevor has been working on his latest album for the last seven years entirely on his own, part-time, with thousands of hours of hard work, dedication and utter commitment. Independently produced, written and performed, rarely will you find this type of quality from a solo artist. Top 40 songs in main stream music are written on average by a team of 4+ writers and a team of producers and sound engineers.

Many of his songs are about unity, living your best life, and moving past your mistakes and overcoming whatever trials life gives you. From beginning to end the tracks are compelling, stemming from his unique experiences. His songs are about emotions and experiences we all go through in life and that is what makes this album distinct and unique.




Trevor Baldwin grew up just outside Los Angeles and music always called to him starting with the piano. Having a few years of piano lessons, he never liked to play other people’s music and quickly made up his own melodies. He later moved on to Oregon where he started learning guitar on his own and for high school and college. He wrote his first full length song on piano his senior year at OSU. By facing his own life crisis with the death of his father, step-mother and grandmother in a short span of time, music became his comfort and lifeline and he began writing lyrics.

Driven by the goals to help others who are down and are struggling, Trevor plans to give back money he earns from music to suicide prevention and childhood cancer. He hopes to reach and inspire as many people as possible with his music and help others to rise above their challenges, fears and struggles in life.

After the release of Something More, Trevor is excited to start creating new music again and finish a lot of his other songs that are still works in progress. This album has been a labor of love and is an incredible accomplishment of his musical journey. Be on the lookout for new music form Trevor Baldwin as he continues to inspire others through the mountains and valleys of life.
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