Talented Band, Inside of Spirit, Working on a Catchy New Album and Fans Cannot Wait

Inside of Spirit Soon to Release Powerful New Album as a Thank You to Fans
Ciudad de México, Alcaldía Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico – Inside of Spirit is a skilled band that has been working on music since as early as 1998. The band greatly appreciates their loyal fans who have supported them over the past year by listening to their past records. As a huge thank you to them, they are currently working on a new album that they hope to release sometime this year.

Despite family and friends telling them their dream was impossible, Inside of Spirit never stopped believing in themselves. That determination has led them to amass several fans now who believe in them just as much, if not more. While the band has struggled with releasing music during the pandemic due to a lack of copyright, their loyal fans have kept them going by showing support for previously released tracks.

For this reason, the band is aiming now to shoot for the stars. Besides planning an album release, they hope to acquire even more fans to fulfill their dream of performing in a live worldwide concert. Their deepest desire is to reach even more hearts with their music and make the ones close to them proud of all they have accomplished.

Inside of Spirit has always aimed to create music for the listener. This, along with their faith in God, shines through explicitly in their music. Their new album is much anticipated by their fans, who are sure it will be a memorable one. This album will be a dedication to their fans who have been patient with them and taken the time to get to know the band members.

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Inside of Spirit is a band that has been in the music industry since 1998. They have been singing, writing, and producing their own music for all these years. They are a family band consisting of members Paul Martin, William Martin, and Arthur Martin. The band has already played all around Mexico in a variety of locations, including cafes, bullrings, high schools, and more. Ever since they took part in Numberone in 2016, they have amassed a fan following in several other countries like the US, Uk, Canada, Australia, and more. They are planning to release an album this year to fulfill fans’ wishes requesting music in 2021.




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